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Your ultimate digital guardian

Sapher provides effortless and reliable online protection for those who want to browse without worry.

From the search bar to your favourite sites, browse freely and safely with Sapher.

Get started for free – download Sapher today.

A Sapher online experience so you can
shop and browse with confidence
Proactive protection

Sapher is proactive in online security, constantly monitoring for threats and acting as a filter to protect users. We serve as the connection between your browser and websites, ensuring your safety online.

Real-time threat detection

Sapher identifies and blocks suspicious activities in real-time, providing instant protection against evolving cyber threats.

Seamless integration

Sapher seamlessly integrates into your favourite browsers such as Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge, providing complete protection without slowing browsing speeds or consuming your device’s precious storage.

Privacy guaranteed

Sapher prioritises user privacy by making browsing history anonymous and keeping online activities confidential.

The Sapher difference

In today’s ever-evolving digital landscape, the threat of cyber attacks looms larger than ever. Other solutions rely on static data lists and reported scam sites, leaving users vulnerable to emerging threats.

At Sapher, we take a different approach. We validate every website and link visited hourly, ensuring thorough protection against the latest dangers. Our proactive method doesn’t just react to known threats – it anticipates and deflects them before they can harm you.

Navigate your online world with confidence

Sapher goes beyond just protecting your online activities. Our personalised online insights, available through our user portal, provide the tools to make informed choices about online safety.

By analysing browsing patterns and identifying potential risks, Sapher enables users to understand better their online behaviour and what to look out for while browsing online.

Stay ahead of cyber threats with Sapher's proactive defence

Unlike traditional antivirus software, Sapher doesn’t wait for threats to strike – it proactively identifies and blocks them. By continuously monitoring your online activities in real time, Sapher detects and prevents suspicious links and behavior, even those not yet reported. This approach protects you from known and emerging dangers, providing peace of mind while browsing.

With Sapher, you’re not just safeguarded – you’re one step ahead of cyber threats.

Get started for free – download Sapher today below.

Choose online safety, choose Sapher

Our Chrome / Safari browser extension offers more than just protection—it’s your proactive defender, shielding you from ever-evolving cyber threats.

Sapher prioritises your safety without sacrificing speed or storage by seamlessly integrating onto your favourite browsers such as Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

How to get Sapher

If you love your online life, do yourself a favour and download the Sapher extension. It’s quick and easy:

Sign up to Sapher (first name, email only, no credit card needed)
Download the extension and log in
Log in to your Sapher account
All set! You’re now protected wherever you browse
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