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Your ultimate digital guardian

Scammers are everywhere. Sapher is your ultimate digital guardian protecting your identity and devices through continuous gate
keeping of every website you visit.

Register to know when Sapher is available and be at the forefront of your online security.

We’re committed to your privacy. We only collect the information that we require. Sapher may use information you provide to contact you about our product or service. You may unsubscribe from these marketing communications at any time.

A Sapher online experience so you can shop and browse with confidence

Round the clock protection

To keep you safe while you browse, Sapher quietly validates every website you visit to make sure it’s legitimate.

Keep your information safe

With our advanced protection, your private information stays
 private. We’ll instantly alert you to online traps.

Complements antivirus apps

Sapher detects suspicious websites. It’s your last line of defence, picking up where antivirus software can’t protect you.

Set and forget

Sapher works in the background to protect you 24/7, and only alerts you when you’re about to visit a suspicious site.

Australians lose $3 billion to scams annually

Unsuspecting people from diverse backgrounds bear the brunt of these scams. Sapher is committed to safeguarding them, and you.

Here are some tips to keep you safer online:

Stop and think

Take a moment to evaluate whether it could be fake before divulging your financial or personal information.


Act swiftly if something appears suspicious.

Get Sapher

Register your interest and let Sapher be your last line of defence, alerting you before you access any malicious sites.

Help others

Know family, friends, and colleagues who may also be at risk? Tell them about Sapher.

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